At VetCare we are continually investing in new equipment and expertise to ensure any surgical procedure needed for your pet is comfortable and safe.

Our surgery suites are well equipped with electric heating pads, intravenous fluid infusion pumps, electrocautery, ECG, and high quality autoclaved instrumentation packs for soft-tissue, ophthalmic and orthopaedic surgery.

We use pulse-oximeters to record patient heart rates and oxygen levels throughout all procedures. We also use Doppler blood pressure monitoring during lengthy operations.

The anaesthetics we use are similar to those used in human hospitals and allow for a rapid, comfortable recovery. Most patients are happily up and walking within 30-60 minutes of a general anaesthetic. We use intravenous sedation and local anaesthesia for many short procedures. This allows your pet to be able to go home within a few minutes of a procedures completion.

To ensure convalescence remains comfortable at home, we provide various analgesic (pain killer) regimes post-operatively.