One of the key periods of time in a puppy’s life is from 8-16 weeks. This is the time when pups develop their social skills. Normally, these are taught by their parents and siblings and, in the wild, other members of the pack. Pups learn what is – and what isn’t – acceptable behaviour.

BUT – most pups are sold, and are in their new homes, at 6-8 weeks. Many families only have 1 dog at a time and so the pup is never taught those vital social skills. In today’s modern society this means that no one is around to teach the pup what it needs to know to become a member of the family, and the result is a very confused dog and a family that is unsure if they want to keep him/her.

And this is where Puppy Pre-School comes in. Just as pre-school teaches our children to interact and socialise before starting school, Puppy Pre-School is all about teaching your pup some basic social behaviours – and teaching you how to maintain these skills at home.

There are 4 classes taught, conducted on consecutive Tuesday nights from 6.00pm till 7.00pm. Each class has a similar format. After some ‘play-time’ with the pups, our instructor leads a discussion on various aspects of puppy behaviour, health issues and basic training. Each pup (& owner) then receives some individual time investigate individual behavioural problems and training. The class then finishes off with more ‘play-time’.

All the family is encouraged to attend where possible. Training doesn’t start and end on Tuesday nights – you will have some homework to do! By the end of the 4 classes, we expect that:

  • Your pup will be a sociable and well-trained member of your family
  • You will have a much better understanding of training, puppy behaviour and health issues affecting your pup
  • Your pup will be a member of our ‘family’, and will drag you in through the front door on future visits to the Surgery.

Bookings are essential, and can be made by ringing VetCare during normal business hours. Note that there are limits to class size, and the age and size of the puppy that can be accommodated. Our staff can give you more information on this when you call.

Costs are for the full course of 4 classes. Payment is required at the beginning of the class.

We look forward to seeing you and your puppy at our Puppy Pre-School in the near future.

Contact us for prices and registration