Remember, pets age at a considerably faster rate than humans, approximately 7 pet years to one of ours (click on pet age calculator). Hence if you decide to bring your pet in just once every 2-3years it is equivalent to approximately 14-21years between visits. Much can happen during this time, so we encourage annual health checks for all our patients. The checks are good value; they allow early detection of problems your pet cannot communicate to you and , in many other cases, they allow us to reassure you that all is well.

Teeth & Gums Ears Eyes
Loose/rotten/broken teeth Gums Fly bite dermatitis Cataracts
Tartar Infection Eyelid problems
Tumours Parasites e.g. ear mites Glaucoma
Deafness Ulcers
Skin Glands Body Condition
Allergies Lymph nodes not swollen Weight loss or gain
Cancer Mammary gland cancer since previous visit
Infection/inflammation Prostate not enlarged
Parasites: fleas, mites Testicles same size
Heart Lungs Temperature
Murmurs Crackles or wheezes Elevated may mean an infection
Rhythm Chest not dull on percussion or inflammation or excitement
Sound volume
Circulation Urine Analysis Nails
Gums good colour Encouraged in older patients Healthy nails and nail-beds
– not anaemic or bleeding – No blood Nails not too long
Refill time good – No sugar (i.e. diabetes)
Sound volume – concentration normal
Abdomen Joints Anal Glands
Kidneys, liver, stomach, spleen Arthritis Not blocked
Urinary bladder, bowel Cruciate ligaments
– normal size/shape/positions. Patella (kneecaps)

By the time we have completed the vaccination check or annual health check, a lot of ground has been covered and you can be happy that your pet is in good shape.