Referrals within VetCare

At VetCare we are very fortunate to have six veterinarians on our staff with over 20 areas of special interests. This gives us the benefit of a collaborative approach within the practice if an unusual case arrives.

By utilising wisdom and experience together with innovative new diagnostic and treatment options, we can provide comprehensive assessments from within the practice.

Referrals to VetCare

Through ongoing investments in continuing education, modernising our equipment and many years of experience in companion animal practice, VetCare accepts selected referrals of difficult cases from other practices.

We emphasise that we do not have Veterinary Specialists on our staff. If owners are willing and able to travel to specialist practices in Auckland or to Massey University teaching hospital we will always encourage this. However where travel is not possible we are happy to offer advanced services in surgery, endoscopy, ultrasound, radiology, oncology, dentistry, ophthalmology and dermatology.

If you would like more information on these services please contact us.

Referrals to Specialists

If we are unable to provide the diagnostic tests or treatment your pet requires, we are always able to offer referral to a Veterinary Specialist. In Auckland, there is a 24h Veterinary Hospital, with specialists in veterinary medicine, surgery, imaging, ophthalmology and dermatology. Hamilton has surgical specialists, and a treatment for hyperthyroid cats. And there are many services available at Massey University Veterinary Hospital in Palmerston North. Please contact us to discuss your options further.