Dogs and cats should be microchipped when young or on change of ownership if this hasnt been done. The chip is placed between the shoulder blades and under the skin of the neck. Vets and shelters scan this area when animals are brought in to obtain a serial number which is linked back to the owner of the pet. The serial number is registered in a nationwide database to help your pet be reunited with you no matter where it is found. You need to ensure that you keep your details up to date so you can be called if your pet is found. If you are not sure of whether your pet is chipped or not, you can ask your vet to scan and check.

From 1 July 2006 every dog being registered for the first time must also be microchipped. Only dogs registered as working dogs and used solely or principally for herding or driving stock are exempt from microchipping.

To ensure compliance with local bylaws please contact us if your dog requires microchipping.