Ghillie, the West Highland Terrier recently came to our clinic for a check up and dental examination.
Because dogs don’t brush their teeth, bacteria and tarter can build up infecting the gums causing pain, redness, bleeding, damaging gums, ligaments or bone and eventually teeth begin to fall out.

Here at VetCare Tauranga we want all pet owners to know how important it is to check, treat and control periodontal disease. Not only will you be maintaining the health of your pet’s teeth and gums but you will also be guarding against infection spreading to other parts of their body.

Signs your pet could have periodontal disease could be bad breath, gums that bleed easily, your pet preferring to chew on one side of the mouth or avoidance of chewing harder foods altogether.

A dental examination by one of our experienced vets will assist in determining if your pet has periodontal disease or some of the many factors that may make them prone to dental disease. From this examination a treatment plan for your pet can be arranged.

Here are Ghillie’s teeth before a procedure called “dental prophylaxis “ (an ultrasonic scale and polish under sedation) and after. Don’t they look amazing!