It’s grass seed season again and unfortunately these little terrors can cause your pet serious problems. There are some types of grass seeds that are shaped like a pointy needle and once caught in your pet’s fur they can start to burrow aggressively into their skin. If the seed does not exit, a painful abscess can develop. This invariably leads to the need for surgery to remove the seed or its remnants.

What to look out for:
– excessive licking – often one of the first signs
– a swelling or lump – especially between toes, under armpits
– pus and bloody discharge from a burst abscess

Occasionally a grass seed will end up in your dog’s ear canal causing major irritation – your pet may shake his head violently or turn his head to the side. Ear infections present in a similar manner so a check up with us is always essential.

Top tips:
– Keep your pet out of long grass and keep their fur clipped short – especially around the feet.
– Check your pet’s coat for grass seeds daily and after every walk – concentrate under the paws, between the toes, around the ears and in the armpit region. You’ll be amazed how many seeds can become hidden in your pet’s coat – and they are just waiting to cause trouble!