Kitten Care

Caring for a Kitten Kittens are furry, friendly little balls of fluff and it is wonderful welcoming a new kitten in to your home. It is however, very important that you look at the best care for your new addition. Vaccinations The first step in protecting your kitty from dangerous

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Puppy Care

Caring for a Puppy You are ready to welcome a new puppy in to your home. You are looking forward to many years with a loyal pet that will bring lots of joy to your family. Remember that you also have to make sure you offer your new pet the best start when it

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Health Checks

Remember, pets age at a considerably faster rate than humans, approximately 7 pet years to one of ours (click on pet age calculator). Hence if you decide to bring your pet in just once every 2-3years it is equivalent to approximately 14-21years between visits. Much can happen during this time, so we encourage annual health

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Surgery & Anaesthesia

At VetCare we are continually investing in new equipment and expertise to ensure any surgical procedure needed for your pet is comfortable and safe. Our surgery suites are well equipped with electric heating pads, intravenous fluid infusion pumps, electrocautery, ECG, and high quality autoclaved instrumentation packs for soft-tissue, ophthalmic and orthopaedic surgery. We use pulse-oximeters

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For most people, their pet is part of the family and as such you want them to have good health and the best possible care. We ensure personal attention for your pet, unique to your pet’s medical history and your current concerns.  We also believe in guiding you on the best methods for caring



At VetCare we provide a range of preventative options and treatment regimes to get diseased teeth and gums back into good shape. If your pet has dental problems, the first thing you’ll usually notice is bad breath. Other common signs include dribbling, yellow or brown staining on the teeth, inflamed or bleeding gums which often



Referrals within VetCare At VetCare we are very fortunate to have six veterinarians on our staff with over 20 areas of special interests. This gives us the benefit of a collaborative approach within the practice if an unusual case arrives. By utilising wisdom and experience together with innovative new diagnostic and treatment options, we



Dogs and cats should be microchipped when young or on change of ownership if this hasnt been done. The chip is placed between the shoulder blades and under the skin of the neck. Vets and shelters scan this area when animals are brought in to obtain a serial number which is linked back to



Why should you desex your pet? An unwanted litter sees an increase in strays and shelters being overpopulated with animals they may not be able to rehome. This can also result in feral cats and semi-wild dogs roaming the streets. Animals that are left intact are often more aggressive and may wander the streets and



At VetCare we follow World Small Animal Vaccination Guidelines and we encourage vaccination against viral diseases seen in dogs and cats in NZ. Some of these diseases are very common but can be treated effectively in many cases. Others, although less common, are very difficult and/or expensive to treat and can be killers. The vaccines

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