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We all want our furry family members to live a long, healthy life. Responsible pet care means more than providing a safe home with regular food and exercise: pet vaccinations give them the best chance to avoid sickness and disease from the time they are young.

Keeping pet vaccinations up to date prevents your pet from contracting preventable diseases and boosts their immune system.

We want to help protect your companion and offer vaccinations for kittens, puppies, cats and dogs.

It's really important to keep vaccinations up to date.

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Why Do I Need to Vaccinate My Pet?

  • Disease prevention- Regular pet vaccinations prevent your pets from succumbing to the contagious bacteria and viruses they encounter in other animals and their environment, some of which can be fatal.

  • Immune boosting - Young animals take months to develop immune defences, making them vulnerable to diseases which can be prevented with pet vaccinations.

  • Protected pets, protected home-vaccinations ensure your other pets, and your family, are protected from the spread of preventable diseases that can find their way into the home.

How Often Does My Pet Need to Be Vaccinated?

  • Vaccinations should start early and follow a 10-week course of two immunisations plus a final booster. Similar schedules are recommended for puppy vaccinations and kitten vaccinations while your fur baby is 6 to 16 weeks old.

  • Annual boosters will be required throughout your pet's life. Your veterinarian will recommend a booster schedule during a regular health check-up suitable for your pet.

When to Vaccinate Your Pet:

  • Puppy and Kitten Vaccinations: Start early with a 10-week course and boosters. Annual boosters are essential.

  • Dog Vaccinations: Begin during puppyhood and continue throughout life with regular boosters, protecting against both core and non-core diseases.

  • Cat Vaccinations: Kittens should start with an 8-week vaccination and continue with boosters. Adult cats also require annual boosters.

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