Considered by many to be the Bay of Plenty’s leading Veterinary Sonologist, Dr Nick was personally asked to speak at the Australasian Ultrasound Symposium in front of a packed room of Human Sonologists (Doctors specialising in Ultrasound Imaging).

Ultrasound has been become a vital tool in Human and Veterinary Medicine. The minimally invasive diagnostic tool is a massive advantage to the patient replacing repetitive contrast X-rays, biopsy or even surgical options to make a diagnosis and it’s even more cost effective for our clients (that’s you!). We often rely on ultrasound in many cases to decide whether a case is surgical or can be managed medically saving you and your pet from the trauma, and expense, of an unnecessary surgery.

Dr Nick impressed his prestigious medical audience at the Ultrasound Symposium so much he was offered the chance to speak in Adelaide in front of a crowd 300+ of human doctors plus received a gift of an upgraded Toshiba Apleo Ultrasound Machine (worth ~$50,000!). The Ultrasound machine has safely arrived and Dr Nick had one-on-one tuition on the new capabilities of the machine from one of the Toshiba Ultrasound experts. VetCare now owns one of the most specialised Ultrasound machines used for veterinary medicine in NZ!

To give you an idea of what can be achieved, placing the transducer on a human finger Dr Nick was able to focus on vessels running within the finger that are only 1/2mm in diameter! It also is able to produce 3D images just like a human pregnancy scan. More importantly, this enhanced imaging capability undoubtedly means increased chance of successful diagnosis for your pets.
Dr Nick found the upgrade like putting his glasses on with the image quality so far advanced than what we were previously using (and our old machine was considered to be good in veterinary terms).

So, if your pet has an illness, obstruction, pregnancy, mass or other problem that ultrasound may be able to shed some light on, (I mean sound waves on ….geek joke!), VetCare happily accepts referrals from all over the greater Bay of Plenty. Dr Nick is like a kid in a toy store, it will literally be his pleasure to get out his new ‘toy’ to help with your pets problem. So, store this in the back of your mind, you never know when you need this kind of VetCare pet care.