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Lincoln, the Maremma Sheepdog and his knee saving TPLO surgery

The Tibeal Plateau Levelling Osteotomy, TPLO for short, is a specialised surgery to repair the common problem of the ruptured cruciate ligament in the stifle (the knee joint) of dogs. In Tauranga, Dr Campbell Johnston is the only in-house Surgical Consultant to be offering this specialised surgery and VetCare and the pets of Tauranga

Lincoln, the Maremma Sheepdog and his knee saving TPLO surgery2019-10-01T16:50:17+13:00

Rex’s Midnight GDV Emergency

It had been a long day at VetCare, I think I had made it home for maybe 3 hours on my on-call Sunday, very unlike the typically relaxed Sundays following a busy Saturday. I had just been to the clinic to check on my epileptic emergency earlier in the day and while still agitated, there

Rex’s Midnight GDV Emergency2019-10-01T16:48:36+13:00

Epic Peach Stone Catastrophe! When Pet Insurance Pays Off……

Epic, a young tricolour border collie is the beloved agility dog of our long time client, Fiona. Epic was rushed into VetCare Bethlehem one Saturday morning as she was terribly unhappy, lethargic and vomiting. She wasn’t the type of dog to get into rubbish and she hadn’t eaten any bones but after a thorough physical

Epic Peach Stone Catastrophe! When Pet Insurance Pays Off……2019-10-01T16:46:27+13:00

VetCare Tauranga to the Rescue!

Poppy, a 10 year old West Highland White Terrier, was referred to VetCare from a local practice after initially thought to have been yet another case of Kennel Cough. She had not responded to their initial treatment and continued to retch and refuse food. After being examined further and x-rayed, she had later been found

VetCare Tauranga to the Rescue!2019-10-01T16:33:37+13:00

Dog Losing Appetite – Bailey’s Bone

Bailey the Labrador had been losing her appetite for two days. Within a few minutes of eating any food it was brought back up again. We had two reasons to be very concerned about her symptoms: 1.  Labradors hardly ever lose their appetite! 2.  There was a possibility she was regurgitating the food rather than vomiting it back up.

Dog Losing Appetite – Bailey’s Bone2019-09-16T14:24:48+13:00

Bed-Wetting Puppy

There was some concern this bed-wetting puppy may have had a congenital defect termed "ectopic ureter". In this condition a ureter [the narrow tube which normally takes urine from the kidneys to the bladder] can empty in an incorrect location, preventing the pup from having normal urinary control. However these images from her ultrasound scan

Bed-Wetting Puppy2019-09-30T05:49:12+13:00
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